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  • Label Type: unsigned
  • About:
    Culminating an eclectic mix of influences, an undeniable stage presence, as well as a hint of boyish charm, Sleeping Lessons strives to thrill and hook fans and critics alike.
    With roots in pop, rock, alternative, funk and hip hop music, Sleeping Lessons takes pride in their ability to fuse and create an enjoyable end product.
    Beginning in the winter of 2009, the band began experimenting, trying to find new sounds, as well as stabilize a lineup. Going through numerous musical and roster changes, they believe they have found the perfect fit.

    Having played music together for years, members Brandon Clark(Lead Vocals, Piano), and Preston Briggs (Drums), concluded that finding a bassist and guitarist was crucial for a definitive sound. An essential way to break the mold was to add new influence and tone. Enter Andrew Seltzer (Bass) and Colin Filgate(Guitar),both mutual friends with a solid musical background in various styles of funk and hip hop, as well as ears for production. Their addition has become ideal in accomplishing exactly what the band set out to do.

    After intense practices, a few broken instruments, and a few lost voices, the band is thrilled about the new sound. "I really think we've finally found our element," states Brandon Clark, "We really just want to have as much fun as possible." The band has been doing just that, playing all over the East coast, including dates with Sherwood, Anarbor, and Sparks The Rescue, and a slot on the "Better Connecticut" morning show with Scott Haney on CBS.

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  • Members:
    Brandon Clark - (Vocals, Piano)
    Andrew Seltzer - (Bass)
    Preston Briggs - (Drums)
    Colin Filgate - (Guitar)
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